At BVInspiration, innovation is ignited by our customers’ needs, fostering a fresh perspective on lighting solutions. Our expansive and forward-thinking lighting design toolkit offers a spectrum of cutting-edge solutions, redefining the boundaries of creativity. With a specialized focus on Linear Light and Commercial Architectural Luminaires, we craft illuminating experiences tailored to meet the evolving challenges of today’s lighting landscape.

About Us

BVInspiration is a brand extension of Blueview established in 2016 which specializes in commercial architectural luminaires.We deliver high-performance LED luminaires for offices, commercial, educational institution,recreational and hospitality spaces. We provide a range of innovative solutions to satisfy most of our client’s ever-changing requirement of today’s project including design and build-to-order custom lighting solutions.BVInspiration is the best in the industry for our forward-thinking capabilities and innovativeness. We work closely with our clients and stakeholders to develop products that are in trend to deliver functional and aesthetical advantages. All of our products are designed and engineered with the principles of captivating, ease of installation, usage and maintenance.

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Project Case

BVInspiration is on a mission to create Human-Oriented luminaires, delivering Professional, Innovative, Intelligent, Comfortable, Safe, and Efficient lighting environments. Our products find applications in Offices, Conference Rooms, Hospitals, Schools, Gymnasiums, Retail spaces, and more. Experience tailored lighting solutions that elevate every interior space.


    At BVInspiration, we offer a comprehensive approach to lighting solutions, meticulously covering every aspect from material selection to in-field installation. Our close collaboration with designers, suppliers, and assembly workers ensures realistic, superior, and flexible luminaire systems. We provide an extensive range of optical options, including Direct, Direct & Indirect, Asymmetric, and Double Asymmetric lighting, with various lens options. Our products offer exceptional light quality with CRI95+ and 90+ options across 10 CCT settings. We also provide versatile dimming methods, from 0-10V to DALI and DMX, allowing precise control. Choose BVInspiration for lighting solutions that excel in design, functionality, and customization, setting us apart as your ideal partner.


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