Blueview’s BVG Grazer Linear Lighting has:

BVG-O/ outdoor IP65 type

BVG-T/ interior grazer TIR lens type

BVG-L/ louver lens

BVG-E/ extruded lens

It’s a family designed to highlight textures both subtle

and bold, as well as everything in between.

It’s a great tool for creatingeye-catching walls within a space. 

BVG-O and BVG-T are both engineering design with 12 optical lens options from Narrow 9 ° to flood 39 °x 59 ° , it provides a narrow optic and clean light beam to highlight wall textures without shadow and hotspot. Featuring injectedhigh-efficiency acrylic precision TIR (total internal reflection) lens. It enhancethe wall textures from ceiling to floor. 

The high efficiency optic in the BVG-O & BVG-T allows for installation very close to the wall surface – up to 500 mm. This can be very useful in spaces where distance from wall is restricted.



BVG-E is an interior grazer

engineering design with Extruded PMMA lens.

It’s flexible in cutting in any length,

it’s able to match most of the light source

in the market. 


BVG can be installed by surface mounting swivel bracket,

which it can be satisfy in various different applications. 


Easy operation by marked angle for alignment. Rotating angle from -80 ° to 80 °